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What is Going on in Utah Child Care Right Now?
Licensed Child Care Centers are asking........

1. That ALL Providers receive the EXACT same criminal background check.

2. A change in statute that ALL providers of Child Care are equally Licensed.

3. A relief in current rules and regulations to enable Licensed Providers to compete financially with unlicensed Provider.  more

* currently unlicensed Providers are expanding and opening all over Utah. In Schools, on School properties, in County Recreational Centers or stand alone operations. Because of their affiliation or well known name they are not required to be Licensed. If criminal background checks are done they are necessarily equal to those done in Fully Licensed Centers. It is questioned who monitors that they are done?
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The Daily Routine Includes:

Students work on building strengths and balance, controlling small movements, using drawing and writing tools, making healthy food choices and demonstrating safe practices.
Children identify numbers and shapes, determines object location, identify and creates patterns, estimates and measures.
Children learn to follow verbal directions, communicate ideas, build vocabulary, identify letters and words, write name, words and sentences.